The experience both Sydney and I had with Andrea and Dog’s Among Us was such a positive one! I have a very “sensitive” puppy that has a touch of anxiety. Rather than becoming frustrated with Sydney and her sometimes-difficult behaviors, Andrea showed me more effective methods of communication and a better understanding of Sydney’s psychology. Being able to watch Sydney respond to Andrea by using her methods of training was amazing and using the tools that I learned from that interaction help foster my relationship with Sydney, we made a stronger connection as her behavior and abilities improved. Andrea integrated Sydney with other dogs, offered many one on one trainings to focus on Sydney’s individual needs, utilize her beautiful facility (both in and outdoor) as well as work with us both in public areas such as Breitbeck Park to learn how to interact with other obstacles that we run into on a day-to-day basis. I never thought that going to a dedicated facility and structured training course for my dog would have had a big impact on my and my dog’s life, but it did, and I am so appreciative to have had that time to spend with Sydney to watch her grow and learn from each experience! Thank-you Andrea!

Julie and Sydney Struallo

Our family has had dogs before, but we got a puppy for the first time and we wanted to start training her right from the beginning. Andrea, at Dogs Among Us, was so helpful from the very first phone consultation. From problems with biting, to jumping on the table, she was there to help us. Andrea is very knowledgeable and she was great with our Lab – Coco just loved her. Andrea is also great with kids. She taught my daughters (ages 7 – 17) how to assist in training Coco in terms they could easily understand and now they are a part of the training process. Our oldest daughter also commented on how nice and clean/spacious Andrea’s facility is, as well as how nice Andrea is!

Our family is so glad that we chose to train our puppy at Dogs Among Us. If you are searching for a trainer that you can trust and who will also care about your dog, you have found the right one here.

Marie & Coco

Oswego, NY

Although my husband Don has raised and trained Brittany Spaniels as hunting and companion dogs, I have never had a puppy before nor have I ever trained a dog.

We decided that having our 3 month old puppy Sadie go to training with me would be a good idea to help us develop skills and confidence.

Our experience with Andrea and Dogs Among us was great.

Andrea helped me with training and Sadie gained skills with walking on leash, waiting at the door, and greeting visitors, to name a few.
Before we began training, Andrea made sure that none of the training she was going to do with us would negatively impact the work that Sadie and Don were doing in the field for hunting.

Many of the skills we worked on in class helped to supplement the training Don was doing for field work, especially the wait command which was very useful when training Sadie to hold a point.

Don learned several things from Andrea that helped him to become better at training our dog both for field work and for manners and obedience.

I am amazed at how much Sadie and I have learned and how well we work together. I am looking forward to continue teaching her new things and watching her work and grow.

Don, Sadie and I have all learned a great deal from Andrea, and we highly recommend Dogs Among Us.

Lorie, Don and Sadie

Oswego, NY

After seeing a business card at my veterinarian’s office, I decided to give Andrea at Dogs Among Us a call.

Before taking our 9 mo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to Andrea it was very hard to get her to listen. Our dog did whatever she pleased, and often we would get upset thinking she didn’t understand anything we said. Right away I was amazed at how easily Andrea was able to get our puppy to listen to her. My girls and I found Andrea very comfortable to work with. She taught us skills and gave us the tools we needed to better understand our dog. My girls and I continue to have fun as we teach our dog new skills.

In addition, the facility is fantastic, its very clean and has plenty of indoor and outdoor areas to play and train. Our dog made friends in class and gets to play in between training exercises which makes her very happy.

Our family is pleased with the results of the training and very glad we went to Andrea at Dogs Among Us. We have seen a huge difference in our puppy, who now listens to us much better.

Beth & Macey

Fulton, NY

I met Andrea through her participation in a number of courses for professional dog trainers. Andrea is dedicated to learning and shows excellent judgment and critical thinking skills that are important when working with dogs and their families. She is gentle with dogs and connects well with all types of people. Andrea’s peers voted to award her the prestigious “Inspiration Award” at the May 2011 Instructor Training Course. I believe this speaks volumes about Andrea as a professional and as a person.

Dana C. Crevling

CPDT-KA, Dogs of Course

As an assistant at the Instructor Training Course in Accord, NY, taught by Lead Instructor Pia Silvani, CPDT-KA, and Sue Sternberg, founder and director of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, I had the opportunity to see 24 instructors teach a variety of behaviors in class settings.

Andrea’s instructions were clear and easy to follow. She worked very well with her students, answering questions with ease and spending the appropriate amount of time with each student and dog. Andrea is a highly competent instructor, who adds humor to her teaching and holds the attention of the attendees, making it fun to learn.

Hazel Dickie

Owner, Montessaurus Puppy School

After finding the Dogs Among Us website online while searching online for local trainers, we read through the pages and decided to give Andrea a call. At the time, we had been through 4 other trainers with our lab/Dane mix who would fearfully bark when surprised. We had had many different experiences with the various trainers, but had not been given any tools to actually help. We almost didn’t bother trying one more trainer, and are so glad that we did!

Instead of being told we were doing everything wrong, Andrea noticed the strengths in our relationship with our dog and built on those strengths to give us the tools we needed. When we got our Great Dane puppy, I started Puppy Class at Dogs Among Us and had a great experience there as well. Andrea helped us expand our ideas of socialization and helped us build a great foundation. I continued through Basic Manners 1 and 2, and then Andrea introduced us to Nose Work. I can’t speak highly enough of all of these classes!

Thank you to Andrea and Dogs Among Us, we have helped our dogs build their confidence and were just able to take our nervous, barking pup out on his first hike in years- bark free!

Sara & Ralph

Fulton, NY

Andrea at Dogs Among Us gave me great advice and techniques to help me understand my 5 year old mixed breed dog. I now have management skills that allow me and my family to understand what our dog needs and have a more secure and happy family pet. She was very helpful in explaining his body language and cues and we now know how to handle his stress points that resulted in him being stressed. It was a great decision to enlist her help and am so happy with the results.


Oswego, NY