Recommended Reading

Dog Adoption

Love Has No Age Limit Patricia B. McConnell, PhD & Karen B. London, PhD

Do Over Dogs, Give Your Dog a Second Chance for a First Class Life Pat Miller

Successful Dog Adoption Sue Sternberg

Human-Animal Bond

Bones Would Rain From The Sky Suzanne Clothier

Animals as Teachers & Healers Susan Chernak McElroy


Clicker Basic for Dogs and Puppies Carolyn Barney

The Culture Clash Jean Donaldson

The Other End of the Leash Patricia B. McConnell, PhD

The Power of Positive Dog Training Pat Miller

Don’t Shoot The Dog Karen Pryor

On Line Resources


Dogs and Storks(TM) Preparing families with dogs for life with baby

Dogs and Toddlers(TM) Preparing families with dogs for life with toddler

Sports Enthusiasts

K9 Nose Work(R) Fun Sport involving scent work for the companion dog

National Association of Canine Scent Work(R) www.NACSW.neta Organizing body for the sport of K9 Nose Work(R)


Association of Pet Dog Trainers Information for pet owners and trainers

Dog Star Daily Dr. Ian Dunbar shares his expertise

Local Resources

Oswego County Humane Society Information about animal services in Oswego County

K9 Grooming & Pet Motel Oswego, NY