Puppy Day Camp ~ July & August Only

See you in Summer 2020!

Feeling overwhelmed with your new puppy? Wondering how you’re going to conquer the challenges of house training, puppy biting and boundless energy? How would you like to have us do the training for you?

No more guilt or stress for leaving your puppy crated all day while you go to work or enjoy a day with friends or family. While you’re busy, your puppy will be too! It takes time, skills and energy to raise a puppy into a dog who can attend BBQ’s, go boating, visit friends’ homes, run errands with you – a dog everyone loves to have around.

We’ve got you covered! Let us spend a couple of mornings with your puppy during the week while you run errands, attend to your job or just take a break from the demands of puppy raising. You’ll enjoy a calmer puppy to cuddle with in the evenings with the added bonus of freeing up some time on your busy schedule.

A day at Puppy Day Camp

✓ Lots of fun for your puppy, peace of mind for you!

Your puppy will play with her puppy friends, enjoy staff cuddles, make a splash at puppy pool parties on warm days, play recall games, romp in the grass, and nap in the sun. You’ll feel better knowing she’s have having a great day!

✓ Potty training practice for faster house training

Because your puppy will be with us twice a week practicing how to hold her bladder and where to pee, you’ll see faster house training results at home.

✓ Basic obedience puppy training for a responsive puppy

Our experienced trainers will teach your puppy all the basics: Sit, go to your bed and stay, come when called, polite leash walking, wait at the door, leave it, and drop it.

✓ Lots of exercise for a calmer puppy at home

Your pup will romp with friends in our puppy training room and spacious puppy play yard. Full fencing and all-day trainer supervision ensure safety while your puppy builds good play habits.

✓ Real-life field trips for a puppy who knows how to behave everywhere

To become a well-behaved adult dog, your puppy needs to learn how to handle herself in the big world. We’ll go on fun training outings to safe places where your puppy will be exposed to the sights, sounds and smells of life here in our community.

✓ Socialization for a friendly, easy-going adult dog

Who your adult dog becomes will depend in large degree on how she’s raised. We’ll use socialization techniques to arrange structured and appropriate opportunities for your puppy to learn about the world she will be part of.

Puppy Day Camp program details

Puppy Day Camp Dates

  • SESSION ONE – 2020 dates TBA
  • SESSION TWO – 2020 dates TBA

Puppy Day Camp Hours

Puppies play and learn Tuesdays and Thursdays
Drop-off begins at 7:30am
Pick-up by 12pm

Your Puppy’s Day Camp Tuition Includes:

  1. 8 half days (4 hours per day) of attendance per month
  2. All training, care, and socialization
  3. 2 training & socialization field trips
  4. 2 20-minute training transfer sessions per month to help you achieve the best results at home

To Play & Learn, Your Puppy Must:

✓ Be no older than 16 weeks at the beginning of his first month of Puppy Day Camp (Exceptions maybe made for small breed puppies)
✓ Have completed one round of standard puppy shots
✓ Be in good health with no signs of illness

To Enroll Your Puppy:

Call or email today to reserve your puppy’s spot:
Email us: info@dogsamongus.com
Call us: 315.341.8763

Meet your puppy’s day camp director

Hello. I’m Andrea Giordano. It’s my job to see that your puppy has a terrific—and productive—day at Dogs Among Us Puppy Day Camp.

I started Puppy Day School for two reasons:

  1. To better help my busy clients wanting the best in puppy training and raising. I want to take the stress, frustration, and guilt out of raising a puppy so you can just enjoy the cute, cuddles, and fun.
  2. To help more clients enjoy a wonderful adult dog they can take anywhere in our beautiful county. Early training and socialization are key for this, but they take a lot of time. Now you can be sure your puppy is getting the exposure and experiences he needs to be a confident adult dog.

If all this sounds good to you, and you want to know more about me, my training philosophy, and my professional credentials, we’ve got all that info here.

Ready to train your puppy the easy way?

Call or email today to enroll your puppy in Puppy Day Camp.

Email us: info@dogsamongus.com
Call us: 315.341.8763

Puppy on the way? We highly recommend reserving space ahead, as we take only 8 puppies per month.

Puppy Day Camp FAQ

How many puppies do you allow into school at once?

To maximize each puppy’s training, socialization, and development into a fantastic future adult dog, we take only 8 puppies per month.

Can I send my puppy just once a week or for just a week at a time?

We’re sorry, but we insist on the full program so that you and your pup see the best results.

Doesn’t my puppy need all her shots before starting school?

Actually, no. The latest science says one round of shots is enough to start a safe, professionally run puppy program. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists recommends starting training and socialization as soon as your puppy has her first round of shots. [Link to PDF download]

What is this socialization thing you keep mentioning?

Socialization is the critically important process by which your puppy learns how to be a friendly, easy going, laid back adult dog. Most puppies are instinctively friendly and comfortable in the world, but not all stay as they grow up. Socialization helps puppies carry their care-free attitude into adulthood to avoid common dog behavior issues like shyness and aggression. Read the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviorists statement on the importance and science of early puppy socialization. [Link to PDF download]