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Andrea Giordano

About Us

One of the best books written about dog training is a book written by Jean Donaldson, titled Culture Clash. (Wait..finish reading about us before you go ahead and google that.) What most people experience in the form of frustration, disappointment and confusion when it comes to living with their dog can simply be attributed to two very distinct species trying to figure one another out. At Dogs Among Us® we work hard to help you bridge that gap in communication.Your dog not listening to you is really just from not knowing exactly how to get them to do it! Don’t worry – you’re not alone there… We’ll spend time with you to build on your dog knowledge and give you the best possible outcome – making sure your dog understands you AND listens reliably.We have success with puppies and dogs of all ages and breeds, resolving unwanted behaviors and teaching practical skills their families appreciate, such as polite greetings and coming when called.

“We had had many different experiences with the various trainers, but had not been given any tools to actually help… Andrea noticed the strengths in our relationship with our dog and built on those strengths to give us the tools we needed. …I can’t speak highly enough of all of these classes!” ~ Sara, Fulton, NY

“Before we decided to take our puppy to Dogs Among Us® it was very hard to get her to listen to us. She would do whatever she pleased, and often we would get upset and thought that she didn’t understand anything. Right away I was amazed at how easily Andrea was able to get our puppy to listen to her. Andrea has given us many tools on how to better understand our dogs needs and how to react to our puppy in certain situations. I am very glad we went to Dogs Among Us®. We have seen a huge difference in our puppy, who now listens to us much better.” ~ Beth, Fulton, NY

Andrea Giordano

“Hi I’m Andrea Giordano and I’m the founder of Dogs Among Us®. I chose the name Dogs Among Us® for my training business because dogs are truly apart of our lives today. They assume roles “among us” – their people, as companions, family members and working partners – to name a few.

“After spending 24 years working in law enforcement I consider myself a problem solver and a keen observer of behavior. Both skills continue to serve me and my students well since my retirement in April 2011 and the launch of Dogs Among Us® in July, 2011.”


  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers ~ Professional Member since 2010
  • Family Paws Parent Education ~ Educator since 2012
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants ~ Supporting Member since 2014
  • International Veterinary Forensics Science Association ~ Member since 2009
  • National Association of Canine Scent Work ~ Member since 2011
  • Pet Professional Guild Member ~ Member since 2014

Christie Li ~ BS & MEd

Hi! I’m Christie Li and I’ve turned my passion for teaching in the area of early childhood education and special education into a passion for helping people raise great family dogs.
By applying my knowledge and experience in teaching ‘young’ people, I find myself well suited to helping people of all ages solve the mysteries of dog training. Whether, in a class setting or private training session, I’ve successfully taught families how to make learning fun for themselves and their puppies.

In addition, I’ve expanded my dog training knowledge and expertise to include dogs who are visually impaired and/or blind. My dog Ollie began losing his sight at the age of 3. Ollie’s impending blindness is necessitating the need for me to teach him new skills and expand his understanding of new words (cues). Though visually impaired, Ollie can enjoy off-leash exercise, in safe areas, and he leads an active healthy and happy life!

“Christie has been assisting with puppy classes and private training sessions since 2015. She has attended dog trainer programs offered at Dogs Among Us and is currently expanding her dog training knowledge by taking online courses for dog training professionals. Christie has recently been named as ‘Head Puppy Counselor’ for our Puppy Day Camp Program.”
~Andrea Giordano, Owner Dogs Among Us, LLC

What Clients Say

After seeing a business card at my veterinarian’s office, I decided to give Andrea at Dogs Among Us a call.

Before taking our 9 mo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to Andrea it was very hard to get her to listen. Our dog did whatever she pleased, and often we would get upset thinking she didn’t understand anything we said. Right away I was amazed at how easily Andrea was able to get our puppy to listen to her. My girls and I found Andrea very comfortable to work with. She taught us skills and gave us the tools we needed to better understand our dog. My girls and I continue to have fun as we teach our dog new skills.

In addition, the facility is fantastic, its very clean and has plenty of indoor and outdoor areas to play and train. Our dog made friends in class and gets to play in between training exercises which makes her very happy.

Our family is pleased with the results of the training and very glad we went to Andrea at Dogs Among Us. We have seen a huge difference in our puppy, who now listens to us much better.

~Beth, Fulton, NY